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Instructions about Library Genesis

Library Genesis, Genesis, or LibGen is an online resource that provides you with books and e-books on different topics including textbooks, fiction, romance, fantasy, thriller, crime, academic works, science fiction, comics, and novels, etc. You can get eBooks in different formats such as pdf, EPUB, MOBI, MS Word, DJVU, etc. that can be downloaded and read easily on your IPad, Kindle, Android, and other devices that can be used to read e-books. You can also get access to the paid content that is not freely available on the internet, specifically journals distributed through Elsevier’s Science Direct web portal. Over 2.7 million books and 58 million journals were available in the database of Library Genesis in June 2018. Whether you are a student working on paper writings, searching for a scientific paper, or you want some nourishment for your mind is a book worm, you can get all these things through LibGen.

How does this search engine work? How could you get access to this free library? How could you use it for downloading PDFs?

We will answer these questions in this post, four steps will be discussed. Any image can be clicked to see its full size.

Step 1: Access the Website

Library Genesis has been facing accuse since 2015 as they are providing pirate access to the articles and books that have to be paid. Hence, they have to change their website address so their users don’t have any issues accessing the website.

Currently, the following addresses are working:


The latest addresses are uploaded usually on our website, however, you can also search on Google for library genesis proxy, or library genesis mirror, if these addresses don’t work.


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Step 2: Search your book

After accessing the website, you will see this page.

You can simply enter the title of the book, author name, or a keyword of your topic in the search box to search for your favorite book. Don’t change any of the other settings.

Consider this example, we are searching for “Alice in Wonderland”, a classic book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Enter “The Great Gatsby” in the search box.

Search library genesis

Step 3: Find your book

After pressing the search button, you will see this page.

result library genesis

You can select any PDF according to your interest, the search results will give you a list of files that matched your search. The list is displayed according to the title, author, publish year, no. of pages, publishers, language, size, and extension, etc.

The things that require your focus are size, extension, and language. More than one extension is provided through Library Genesis which includes WORD, PDF, MOBI, EPUB, etc. The most compatible formats for e-readers such as iBooks, Kindle, Calibre Moon+ reader are MOBI and EPUB. PDF is not just compatible with readers and software, but it’s also perfect for sharing documents over the internet. You are highly recommended to download your books in PDF format.

Also, consider the file size while choosing books for downloading, try to avoid files with larger sizes when you’re using mobile storage will low storage capacity. Large files would be a good choice for computer users.

You can choose one from hundreds of languages other than English in LibGen.

Step 4: Download PDF e-book

You can download e-books in PDF or other formats using five mirrors on Library Genesis. The links for these 5 mirrors are given on the right side. You just have to click on them.

Five Mirrors for Downloading

This is the current situation according to Aug 2020. Mirror 1, 2, and 3 are recommended, I would like to avoid mirror 4, and 5. For mirror 4, you will go through two extra scenes and end up in mirror 1 and mirror 2 is highly not recommended because of the ads and popups.

Mirror Guides

You can click the links below for separate guidelines.


  • Mirror 1 
  • Mirror 2 
  • Mirror 3

Not Recommended:

  • Mirror 4
  • Mirror 5

Mirror 1: https://libgen.lc/ads.php

The mirror seems to be good according to Aug 2020 updates. Just click on “Get” and save the file on your computer.

book result library genesis

Mirror 2 – https://libgen.me/

According to current updates, this mirror works fine, although it’s almost similar to mirror 1.

Again, simply click on the “Get” button and save the file on your computer.

mirror 2 library genesis

Mirror 3 – https://b-ok.asia/ 

This mirror could be different in your region. For this mirror, you have to go through 2 steps but this mirror also works fine according to the latest updates.

  1. You will be guided to the following page by clicking on the book title.
  2. For this mirror, click on the blue “download” button and get your book.

mirror 3 library genesis

Mirror 4 – https://libgen.pw

The mirror is also working according to the latest updates of Aug 2020. However, to get to mirror 1 you have to go through 2 more steps.

  1. Click on the button “get links”.
  2. You will come to the screen shown below, after some jazzy animation. Click on “download button”, next to the red arrow.
  3. Now you have got the mirror 1, click on “get” to download your book or you can also save yourself from these extra steps and go for mirror 1 directly.

mirror 4 library genesismirror 4-2 library genesis mirror 4-3 library genesis

Mirror 5 – http://en.bookfi.net/

This mirror is also working well but tries to avoid it as possible because of the ads and pop-ups etc.

I would suggest avoiding this because it has many disgusting advertisements and pop us and you can’t block them by enabling adblocker. However, you have to follow two steps, if you want to use it.

mirror 5 library genesis

  1. Click on the “book link” as pointed by the arrow in the screenshot, try to avoid clicking on other things.
  2. Click on downloading link and also stay away from other things!

Step 6: Enjoy your Reading

Here you had the complete guide about using and downloading e-books from Library Genesis.

Want to ask something? Just hit this button and get in touch with us. I would be happier for answering your queries and helping in your quest for reading.

Got your favorite book, enjoy reading!

To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.